The “M” Teams

The “M” Teams are committees that have been put together by the Official Board and Pastoral staff of R.R.B.C. Each team is designated to oversee an area of ministry (ies) that has been assigned to that specific team. The aim of the teams is properly organize and efficiently run the ministries under their supervision. The Chairpersons of each group are to report to, and work closely with, the Deacon in charge of that particular team so accountability and communication is maintained with other "M" teams in a godly manner. Each Pastor is to be an Overseer of  "M" Teams. Below, is a listing of each “M” Team and their purpose statements.

Ministry Team :

(Central Theme: Encouragement) 

Purpose Statement:

The purpose of the Ministry Team is to care for and encourage the congregation. We provide the congregation opportunities for spiritual growth, support during difficult times and fellowship groups.

Management Team:

(Central Theme: Execution)

Purpose Statement:

To execute our mission according to biblical principles and patterns in order to serve Christ

and this Church more effectively!

Magnification Team:

(Central Theme: Exaltation)

Purpose Statement:

The purpose of the Magnification Team is to lead the congregation

to focus on God in earnest worship where all glory is given to Him!

Missions Team:

(Central Theme: Evangelism)

Purpose Statement:

“The purpose of the Missions Team is to help individuals share the Good News of Jesus

Christ in the specific venue to which they are called: local, national and global.”