RRBC is in a time of transition with regard to Pastoral Staff.  During the process of the search committee in much prayer and pursuit of a full time senior pastor, Pastor Clark Seefeldt has been led by The Lord and has graciously accepted to be our interim pastor until it is revealed who The Lord has chosen to be our next senior Pastor here at RRBC. Pastor Clark is one who has a deep love for the Word Of God and prayer. One of his desires is not only to help the lost to see their ways to The Lord, but also to see more discipleship in making true believers stronger in the faith. He will fill the pulpit on Sunday mornings and Sunday Evenings and teach Adult Sunday School as well as lead Wednesday Evening Prayer Meeyings. In the process of the pastoral search, the Deacon Board is providing oversight for RRBC. All Ministry Groups are still active; and there  are no changes to ministry schedules.
                                                 If you have questions or need additional information
                 please contact the Church Administrator, 708-598-2330, Monday – Friday, 8:30am – 12:30pm.

Here is a short bio on Pastor Clark Seefeldt
Grace Theological Seminary  M.Div.
Pastor of Melrose Bible Church for 26 years
Traveled extensively in Asia nurturing discipleship